The truth about age

This last year I turned 30. Which for most, 30 is synonyms with the cornerstone of aging. It’s when we start to get achy and stiff. It’s when we start going downhill. Or at least that’s how it feels and that’s how it can sometimes be portrayed in the media and in books/movies/tv ect. But what if that’s not how it felt? What if when we turned 30, 40, 50, 60+ we didn’t feel like we were one day closer to our graves. What if we didn’t feel like sneezing was going to throw our back out? What if we actually felt good. We were mobile, strong, agile, and functional? The truth, is that these things are within grasp for most people. But we get caught up with various thoughts like “it’s too late” “i’m too old” “What’s the point?” and any other excuse under the sun.

Most of my clientele is 35+ with the majority of them being in their 50-60’s. I see the havoc that stress, sedentary lifestyles and general weakness wrecks on peoples bodies. I see a lot of achy knees and backs. Non-mobile necks. Stuck shoulders. Non-existent cores. And so much more.
I am happy to report that typically after just a month of working on their aches and pains, we start to see these things decrease. And quality of life skyrockets. They can get up off the ground with more ease. They can bend down and pick up what they dropped instead of having their kids or grandkids pick them up. Does this happen overnight? Of course not. It takes time, consistency and intention. But I have seen people take back their power and re-write their stories and say things like “i can do this now” “I walked up the stairs without a sweat” “I wasn’t afraid I was going to fall”.

Being someone who suffers from chronic pain, I understand these things. And I have from a fairly young age. I knew that my body was going to slowly betray me. And it has. But I don’t look at strength and mobility training as things that will harm me. I look at them as things that will help me. They’ll help me stay functional. They’ll help me be able to pick things off the floor. To chase my dogs and nephew around. Because of strength and mobility training I know that my chances of having to have a rod in my spine are less.

When we focus on things that make us strong, mobile and keep us functional we can enjoy life. We don’t have to groan when we walk up or down the stairs. We don’t have to be out of breath walking to the car. We CAN do anything we want. Because our bodies will be able to carry the load they’re supposed to.

Of course it can help to work with a coach so that you’re getting strong in a way that actually benefits you and is customized to you vs. flailing around the gym hoping for the best. Our knowledgable coaches are here to help you reach your goals either in-person or virtually.
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