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Ashley Nard

My specialities include puns and functional training that is catered specifically to you and where your starting point is to get you to where you want to be safely and effectively. I’ve been training since 2015, and have done everything from group fitness (including spin classes) to one on one sessions. I’ve also been an online nutrition coach for over 4 years. I’m passionate about learning how your body ticks and the best exercises to implement for you so that you enjoy your workouts and are progressing effectively. One of the biggest compliments my clients have given to me is that I “get them” – I get their pain, I get their limitations, I get when their body says no. And that’s because i’ve been there. I’ve struggled since I was 11 with chronic pain. It started with headaches a couple of times a week that progressed into 24/7 (Yes, I still have a 24/7 headache), to migraines, and then to finding out about a spine condition that causes excessive anterior pelvic tilt. I get my clients pains and aches, because I usually always hurt too. Exercise has always been my way to work through the anger and frustration and sometimes sadness that chronic pain causes. I don’t look at movements that are tricky or not in my wheelhouse as defeats. They’re just something I say no-thank you to, and move on to something I CAN do. Because there’s always other options. There is no one size fits all workout or movement. I love teaching people to move the way that fits THEM. That empowers them. That makes them feel strong and capable. Because exercise shouldn’t be viewed as something out of reach for people. It’s always within reach, it just might look a little different. And that’s okay!

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