7 of my favorite protein snacks

If you’ve been following me, reading the blog or worked with me in-person you’ve heard it again and again and again.

Protein is vital for a variety of functions in your body: muscle building, immune support, hair/skin/nails, hormone function and so much more. Most people do not get enough protein though. So it can be tough when you’re working on adding it in to actually add it in. Most connivence foods are high in carbs and fats. Not to say those things don’t play their own vital functions. But when protein hits all of these different boxes and we’re not getting enough, we want things that are higher in protein for sure. A general rule of thumb is to aim for about 25-30 grams for each meal and snack. If you’re looking to lose or gain weight – try aiming for your goal weight in grams. You can absolutely use a range and aim for 10-15 grams on either side.

Here are some of my favorite buyable protein snacks with links! If you don’t want to order them, try your local Safeway or Super Supplements store to get them in person. I always recommend trying one or two before committing to a big box of things!


Protein Pastries – Basically protein heavy pop-tarts that are delectable. Some of the flavors are VERY sweet like red velvet. But most don’t feel like you’re just eating mouthfuls of sweetness. They have a total of 8 flavors. You can pick these up at Super Supplements and limited flavors at some Safeways.
Check them out here

Sweet rolls – protein heavy cinnamon rolls?! Sign me the heck up. They have three flavors – cinnamon, chocolate and wild berry. Wild berry isn’t my favorite. But i’m picky when it comes to fruity flavors. It’s not bad though! I’ve gotten them at Super Supplements before, but they can be hard to get your hands on for sure as they sell out quick.
Check them out here

Popped protein Chips – Quest makes protein chips but I recently had the nacho cheese legendary ones and oh my goodness were they delicious. No weird aftertaste and good flavor and texture. Highly recommend! I picked up a bag at Safeway just to try one. They only had the nacho cheese. But they also have BBQ and Ranch.
Check them out here


Meat sticks – Some meat sticks are so hard you could snap your teeth in half. These are soft and great flavor. And obviously pack a protein punch. I’ve gotten them at Super Supplements and some Emerald City Smoothies that have large snack sections. Of course you can always order them.
Check them out here


Ostrim also has delicious meat sticks. They have a variety of flavors to help you hit your protein. My favorite is sweet and spicy. I’ve gotten them at Emerald City Smoothie. I’ve seen them as Super Supplements too I believe.
Check them out here


Peanut Butter Cups – Peanut butter. Chocolate. Protein. Need I say more?? I got mine at Safeway. But I know Super Supplements sells them too.
Check them out here


There’s no link for this one, and I don’t currently have them in my fridge to look up the brand. But Costco has a pack of meat and cheese rolls that is 25 g of protein per serving (5 rolls). They’re tasty.

This is in no way an extensive list. The great thing is that a lot of protein brands are working hard to make protein fortified snacks to help people increase their protein. At the end of the day – do your best and aim for increasing protein in ways that make sense for you!

Please note that some of these links are affiliate links.