Step It Up

We hear it all the time – “get your 10k steps in”. It’s droned into us. Pummeled into us, if you will. Our fitbits, apple watches, other fitness watches and devices – all the things – they chirp and beep at us to get moving. In today’s day and age – 10k steps is a lot. We’re so much more sedentary than we were 40 years ago.

We don’t have to get up anymore to turn the channel on the TV. And forget walking to the kitchen for a sandwich while the dial up loads – or during a commercial break. Everything is at our fingertips now – EXCEPT movement.

So between working 40+ hour weeks, catching up on our latest binge worthy TV show, spending an hour in the car each way for a commute (If you still commute), and all the other adulting you have to do – how on earth are you supposed to get your steps in without spending hours on a treadmill?!

Here are a few ideas to kick up those steps – without necessarily taking a ton of time:

  • Set hourly timers – YES – I said hourly. Especially if you have a pretty sedentary lifestyle. Set a timer to go off each hour, and then stand-up, and put those walking-sticks to work. You can pace, you can walk in circles, you can walk down the hall to go pet the dog and back again – just for them to look at you sadly wondering why you stopped. But spend a solid 2 – 5 minutes walking around (you were gonna scroll on social media anyway – might as well move while you do).
  • Park further away – Don’t fight for that front spot RIGHT next to the door. I know it’s easy to go for, especially when it’s pretty chilly, rainy, or snowy – who in the heck wants to spend a second more out in bad weather if they don’t have to. I live in Washington, I get it. But try to park a little further away so that you can rack up those extra steps.
  • Speaking of parking further away – Take the long way – Have to use the bathroom? – go to the one further away. Need one thing at the store? Go down a few aisles first (don’t stop and look, we’re not trying to spend more money here, just walk).
  • Take the stairs – Work on the 2nd or 3rd floor? Great! Take the stairs. (bonus if you go use the bathroom on another floor and take the stairs!). Work on the 6th floor?! Great! Take 2 flights of stairs and then take the elevator and work to build up doing more flights over time.
  • Catch-up on your favorite show on the treadmill – If you have access to one – get those walking sticks on it and watch just one episode of your favorite show while you enjoy. Your body will thank you – and your FOMO will be happy. [A bike is a great option too! I personally never recommend an elliptical though – we have a hate/hate relationship – but do what works for you!]
  • March in place while you cook dinner/wash the dishes – Yes – you will 1000% look really weird. But it’s a great way to get those steps up doing something you’re already standing for. It’s absolutely like the “pat your head and rub your belly thing” – takes a little finesse. We’re going for movement, not necessarily pretty movement though – so its fine.
  • Do walking meetings – If you don’t have to participate in a meeting and just need to listen – go for a walk during it. Might as well get paid to get some movement in!
  • Use half your lunch break to take a walk – You’re likely not using your full 30 minutes to eat anyway (though if you are, please teach a class in eating slowly and mindfully). So walk for 10 or 15 minutes before or after you eat. This can also work as a little pick me up. We often go to sugar for an afternoon energy burst – but movement is actually better!

So there you have it! A pretty dang lengthy list of ways you can move your body and get steps up, without adding hours on a treadmill, or walking around your neighborhood – if you don’t have the time (or enjoyment in it).

Will these add up to 10k steps a day? Honestly, probably not.

BUT – it’s a start. Just start somewhere – anywhere. You’ve GOT this!

You can also come get your booty kicked in a private session at the studio, in-home, or in our group classes. You’ll get plenty of steps in there too!